Syngenta GMO Corn Seed Lawsuit

Helping Farmers Recover Lost ProfitsSyngenta GMO Corn Seed Lawsuit

The law firm of Rehn & Skinner, Galesburg, Illinois is currently preparing to file lawsuits in cooperation with a coalition of partners against Syngenta relating to their sale of GMO corn not approved for export. Syngenta is an international conglomerate which sells agricultural chemicals and seeds all over the world. This case is not about whether or not you, as an operator, planted any Syngenta products. It is about losses which occurred because Syngenta put into the market stream GMO corn which was not approved for export to China. This specific trait known as MIR162 (commonly called Viptera) was sold by Syngenta under the Golden Harvest or Northup King and Garst names. The trait genetically alters corn to make it fatal if consumed by certain insects.

GMO products must be approved in the US before they are commercially grown here and must be approved by individual countries to be exported. This process has been in effect for many years. In 2011 Syngenta began selling seed corn with the Viptera GMO trait. However, the trait had not yet been approved for export to China. As you know, the US grain handling system is a commodity based system, i.e. all the producers’ grain is mixed together throughout the system. As the non-approved Viptera trait was entering into our commodity based system in 2011, 2012 and 2013 the exports of US corn to China were growing rapidly. In fact, almost all of China’s imports of corn, during this time period, were coming from the United States. Chinese corn imports increased exponentially from 2008 to 2013. Unfortunately, as most people would have predicted the Viptera corn got into shipments to China. For more information see Joint Statement.

In November of 2013 the Chinese inspection system detected the Viptera trait in corn imported from the US to China. This led China to stop all importation of US corn and dried distiller grain in the marketing years 2013/2014 and 2014/2015. The trait was finally approved in January of 2015 for export to China. However, when shipments will resume is uncertain. This disruption in shipment to China lead to billions of dollars in losses in the corn market. For more information see Dan Charles As a corn producer, you have a claim against Syngenta for causing this disruption in the corn market and lowering the price of corn. This definitely cost you real money in the marketing years 2013/2014 and marketing years 2014/2015. For more information see Impact We would like to discuss this claim with you and demonstrate to you what we can do to help you recoup the losses you suffered in 2013 and into 2014, caused by Syngenta’s negligence in marketing this corn before it was approved.

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