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A relationship with your lawyer is built on trust. Trust is earned over time. Lawyers earn trust through listening to their clients, providing honest sound legal advice and hard work. We have earned the trust of clients and attorneys. Many of our clients come from attorneys and clients we have worked for and with in the past.

Galesburg injury lawyer Jim Skinner represents individuals and businesses in Western Illinois. We concentrate our practice in personal injury claims. The firm represents individuals in claims against insurance companies for personal injuries including motor vehicle accidents, wrongful death claims and fire claims. Additionally, the firm provides legal services for real estate transactions, business and commercial litigation, worker’s compensation and family law. We welcome the opportunity to earn your trust. The firm is dedicated to providing excellent legal services and advice to all of our clients.


Jim Skinner began practicing law in 1995. He formed Skinner & Associates, L.L.C. in 2007. Jim has tried jury trials throughout Western Illinois. We have represented individuals and businesses in State Appellate Court, Federal Appellate Court and the Illinois Supreme Court.

Whether you have suffered an injury, lost a loved one or are looking for help with real estate transactions, the Galesburg law firm Skinner & Associates, L.L.C. has handled your type of case before. If you have a need for legal services, Skinner & Associates, L.L.C. would be pleased to serve you concerning the same.


In addition to advice a lawyers client wants results. We can help you obtain successful resolution to your personal legal issue. Most legal disputes settle. We at Skinner & Associates, L.L.C. have settled hundreds of cases. A good settlement is based on a solid understanding of the facts in your case and the applicable law.

Sometimes a case cannot be settled without the help of a third party. We have been able to resolve cases through the use of arbitration and mediation. Both arbitration and mediation are what lawyers call alternative dispute resolution. Arbitration and mediation have proven to be beneficial in some cases and have allowed us to settle certain claims without the cost of trial and more quickly than trial in court.

If your case cannot settle, we have proven success at both bench (a trial decided by a judge) and jury trials throughout Western Illinois. While we cannot guarantee the outcome of any trial you can rest assured the Galesburg injury law firm of Skinner & Associates, L.L.C. has obtained successful results through diligent preparation and hard work in prior trials.

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