Fire Law Claims

Fires can cause significant property damage and may cause personal injuries or death. At Skinner & Associates, L.L.C. we have represented homeowners and tenants in claims against insurance companies concerning fire claims. We have also represented the next of kin for a person who has died in a fire due to the failure to provide smoke detectors. We have experience representing clients in all aspects of fire claims. Many times there are issues as to where a fire started and/or what caused the fire to start. It is important to have a fire investigator visit the property. Generally, the sooner a fire investigator inspects the property, the better information the investigator is able to provide. We have experience in dealing with fire investigators.

Often times before a lawsuit is filed concerning insurance coverage on a fire loss, there is an examination under oath that is requested by an insurance company. We represent persons in regards to helping them understand the process of the insurance company’s investigation of a fire claim. Additionally, we have represented a number of persons who have had disputes with insurance companies concerning the process of how property was repaired replaced and/or how a claim was handled by an insurance company.

If you have questions or concerns concerning a fire loss claim, give Skinner & Associates, L.L.C. a call and we would be pleased to discuss the same with you.

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